the gallery

Antares isn’t the traditional art gallery, one that has established itself as an intermediary between the buyer and the artist. Obviously, the Internet and social networks have completely irradicated that dynamic and yet, art galleries seem to not be reacting as fast as they should or in most cases not at all, especially in Latinamerica. The bottom line is that if we don’t adapt, art galleries will become the next Sears Roebuck or Toys ‘R Us after the advent of Amazon.
Our gallery, on the other hand, creates and fosters the buyer-artist relationship and provides a space to inspire, converse and share.
We want to spearhead the new, inevitable model for an art gallery in this age based on community and openness. This new dynamic will supplant the old allowing more art, more inspiration and more relationships to be birthed. If this at all interests you, whether you are an artist or a collector, then please subscribe to our VIP newsletter here. Thank you..